Installation date:   July 1982

Location:   7500 ft SE of platform

Total Height:   430 ft

Height above water:   115 ft

Water depth:   315 ft

Material Column and Base:   Reinforced Concrete

Rotating Head:   Steel

Total Weight:   9355 tonnes

Diameter of Shaft:   29 ft

Operational Life:   20 years

Design contractor:   EMH

Construction contractor:   Howard Doris

Construction site:   Loch Kishorn, Scotland


Material:   Nylon

Length:   250 ft

Diameter:   6.6 inches

Circumference:   21 inches

Maximum allowable tension:   570 tonnes

Maximum tension experienced since installation:   185 tonnes

Flexible Cargo Loading Hose

Material:   Rubber with wire reinforcing

Length:   180 ft

Diameter :   16 inches
Articulated Loading Column (ALC)