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August 1999
Award of refloat contract
October 1999
DTI grants Consent for Cessation of Production (COP) from
Q4 1999
Stakeholder consultation process begins
November 1999
The Moira subsea wellhead was removed from the seabed
December 1999
Commence platform decommissioning activities
(Progress Report - March 2000)
22nd December 1999
Refloat date revised to 2001
December 1999
Contract awarded to the PACT consortium to plug and abandon
Maureen wells (Progress Report - February 2000)
April 2000
Maureen Abandonment Safety Case
June 2000
Platform decommissioning activities
(Progress Report - June 2000)

December 2000
December 2000  Maureen Decommissioning Programme

The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry approved Phillips'
Decommissioning Programme for Maureen.
March 2001
March 2001 Maureen receives RoSPA President's Award for
March 2001
CSO Apache successfully recovers pipelines
25th June 2001
Maureen platform successfully refloated
30th June 2001
Maureen platform arrives at Stord, Norway

3rd July 2001
The Maureen loading column was successfully refloated at 1440
hours on 3rd July 2001 and towed to Stord in Norway where it is
now moored.
31st July 2001
Marine growth on the platform and loading column has now been
cleaned off the structures.
Sept/Oct 2001
Platform tank cleaning in progress.

16th October 2001
Phase 3 of the contract activated which allows the Maureen
Owners to exercise the option to deconstruct the Maureen
platform for re-use and recycling.
January 2002
Maureen Template Recovered and Seabed Cleared
This timetable shows the dates of events how the Maureen decommissioning project progressed